How to prepare for Asst Commandant?

Today I am posting the strategy for Asst commandant exam which will definitely help you in the preparation. As there are 9 months still remaining for the exam, I will divide the preparation in three phases:
Phase 1: September – December
Phase 2: January – march
Phase 3: April – June (Revision Phase)

Now I will discuss all the 3 phases in details:
Phase 1 (September-December): In this phase first 2 weeks one should give for reading NCERT’s. Believe me reading NCERT’s will make your base stronger and will help you in clearing your concepts when you will read the books. Completing NCERT’s will not take more than 15 days. NCERT’s are available in market or one can download it from NCERT’s website.
After completion of your NCERT’s you can move towards books. As Reading NCERT have made your base you can choose any subject of your choice viz. polity, economy, history, geography, Gen. Science, etc. Remember don’t take more than 3 subjects at a time. Divide 3 subjects accordingly and give 2 hours for each subject. Take 3 subject one day and other 3 on next day (alternately) this won’t bore you. (Why I am saying only 2 hours because apart from these subjects you have to read newspaper daily and don’t forget to follow the practice of writing one essay daily because paper 2 also plays important role in deciding your rank)
One should prepare time table accordingly. Apart from preparing time table one should develop the habit of following it sincerely and adhering to it strictly.
(Remember: “There is no shortcut to success”)
Study topic wise try to complete each topic with the allotted time frame.
Phase 2 (January- March): up till now you would have covered considerable amount of topics continue the same time table till the month of March. Try to cover all the topics from the books till the end of March. You may add extra time slots but don’t burden your time table heavily otherwise it will burden you. (Reading Newspaper and writing daily essays hope is in continuation) Apart from Reading newspaper one should read any one monthly magazine (PD, Chronicle etc.)
(Remember: “Hard work is the only key to Success”)
Phase 3 (April – June) (REVISION Phase): This the most crucial phase in your preparation as less time is remaining for the D-day. Till may complete reading all the books. From 1st may start revising all what you have read up till now because revision is the only thing which will help you scoring in exam and solving the questions undoubtedly. I hope till the end of May you have written considerable amount of essays revise them. In this revision phase, one may opt for test series also which will help you in your revision.
At the end I hope above strategy will help you somewhat in your preparation.
When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity
Steve Pavlina


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